Prep Course for the National Professional Practice Examine (NPPE)

Taught by experienced instructors, OSPE’s most popular course explains the professional practice and legal concepts and issues for the engineering profession to help you prepare for the examination and increase your chances of success. OSPE’s NPPE Preparatory course is designed to help applicants for P.Eng. licensure prepares effectively for the National Professional Practice Exam (NPPE), as administered by Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO).

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The P.Eng. License: How OSPE Supports your Journey

Have you been thinking about applying to PEO and beginning your path to licensure, but are unsure where to start? Join OSPE for a one hour free webinar in which we’ll uncover the steps of PEO’s application process and share some best practices, and discover how OSPE can support you as you work your way towards your P.Eng.

Bite-sized Learning

Join a network of subject matter experts while they explore topics in core engineering skills, technology, and professional competency.