Professional Practice Exam (PPE) Preparatory Seminar

Research has shown that preparatory courses can improve examination success rates. Taught by experienced instructors, OSPE’s most popular course explains the professional practice and legal concepts and issues for the engineering profession to help you prepare for the examination and increase your chances of success. OSPE’s PPE Preparatory course is designed to help applicants for P.Eng. licensure in Ontario prepare effectively for the Professional Practice Exam (PPE), as administered by Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO).

Learning Objectives: 

At the end of this program, participants will have an understanding of:

  • Basic knowledge and understanding of the Canadian legal system including tort law, contract law, business organizations, legal duties of engineers, professional liability, construction law, competition law, property law, employment law, human rights and harassment
  • General knowledge and understanding of the Code of Ethics, an engineer’s ethical duties, an engineer’s professional status and the regulation of the profession, product liability and safety, professional misconduct and disciplinary procedures
  • A method to approach questions on the PPE exam
  • A method to answer questions on the PPE exam
  • Review of sample questions and previous exam questions
Who Should Attend

This learning program is intended for anyone getting ready to write the Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO)’s Eng. License exam.


It is helpful that the participants complete some self-study before taking the course including reviewing information on the PEO website and reading the recommended textbooks.


2 days

Course Intro & Ethics Part 1: Licences & Designations

Video 01: Introduction to the Course

Video 02: Intro to the Ethics Exam

Video 03: Ethics short answer intro

Video 04: Licences Part 1

Video 05: Licences Part 2

Video 06: Membership and CofAs

Video 07: Consulting Engineers

Ethics Part 2: Enforcement and Discipline

Video 08: Enforcement

Video 09: Enforcement Penalties

Video 10: Complaints and Discipline

Video 11: Professional Misconduct

Video 12: Professional Misconduct Part 2

Video 13: Professional Misconduct Part 3

Video 14: The Code of Ethics

Video 15: Practice Ethics Long Answer Questions

Video 16: Practice Ethics Long Answer Questions Part 2

Ethics Part 3: Special Topics and Conclusion

Video 17: Special Topics

Video 18: Ethics Exam Q&A and Exam Strategy

Law Part 1: Intro, Tort, and Mid-Day Recap

Video 19: Introduction to the Law Exam

Video 20: The Canadian Legal System, Businesses, and ADR

Video 21: Tort

Video 22: Tort Part 2

Video 23: Tort Part 3

Video 24: Tort Practice

Video 25: Tort Practice Part 2

Video 26: Day 2 Start Review Q&A

Video 27: Day 2 Start Review Part 2: Licencing Review

Video 28: Day 2 Start Review Part 3: Tort Law Review

Law Part 2: Limitation Periods, Intro to Contracts, and Equitable Estoppel

Video 29: Limitation Periods

Video 30: Proof

Video 31: Contract Introduction

Video 32: Consideration and Equitable Estoppel

Video 33: Equitable Estoppel Practice

Video 34: Law Exam Review & Practice at the Half-Way Point through the Law Content

Law Part 3: Tendering, and Contract A

Video 35: Capacity, Legality, and Tendering Introduction

Video 36: Contract A

Video 37: Contract A Practice

Video 38: Contract A Practice Part 2

Law Part 4: Breach and Liability Limiting Provisions

Video 39: Contract Interpretation, Discharge, and Breach

Video 40: Damages

Video 41: The Doctrine of Fundamental Breach

Video 42: The True Construction Approach

Video 43: Liability Limiting Provisions Practice

Final Review

Video 44: Final Review Ethics Part 1

Video 45: Final Review Ethics Part 2

Video 46: Final Review Law Part 1

Video 47: Final Review Law Part 2