Intermediate Occupational H&S (300) – Part 7

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Intermediate Occupational Health & Safety (Course 300)

In this course, we will build on the concepts and topics discussed in Course 100 and Course 200. This time, we will look at those concepts in greater detail.

The course is divided into seven modules:

  1. In the Hazard Identification ̶ A Continuation from Course 200 module, we explore hazard identification and different hazard sources in more detail, giving you the opportunity to identify hazards in the presented scenarios.
  2. The Risk Assessment and Hazard Control module discusses commonly used risk assessment tools and how the Hierarchy of Controls can be applied to different hazards.
  3. In the Codes, Standards and Regulations Overview module, we examine different codes and standards in engineering practice, due diligence, and licensing requirements, as well as non-compliance to legal requirements.
  4. The Incorporating Safety into Engineering Design module demonstrates how to incorporate safety considerations during the design stage.
  5. In the Human Factors module, we explore what role human factors play in workplace incidents and learn design principles that we can use to address human factors and ergonomics.
  6. The Business Case for Safety: The Role of Engineers and Leaders module discusses the economic impact of workplace incidents and emphasizes the importance of having effective safety management systems.
  7. The Applying Professional Engineering Ethics module reviews the professional engineering Code of Ethics and presents several case studies to deepen your understanding of professional ethics.