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Foundations of Occupational Health & Safety (Course 200)


Close to 1000 Canadians die every year because of work-related incidents, and tens of thousands suffer injuries or diseases related to their workplace. Fortunately, we can learn to manage risks so that everyone can work as safely as possible.

In this course, we revisit some of the topics discussed in Course 100 and introduce some new concepts, focusing on hazard identification, risk assessment, and risk management.

This course is divided into seven modules:

  1. The Hazard Identification module explores the nature of hazards, as well as the relationship between energy sources and hazards. It also examines some of the techniques used for hazard identification.
  2. In the Risk Assessment and Management module, we discuss the importance of managing risk. Additionally, we review the steps of the risk assessment process and the components of a well-thought-out risk management plan.
  3. In the Legislation, Codes and Standards module, we look at the legal side of Occupational Health and Safety, beginning with a brief overview of the Canadian legal system before focusing on OHS legislation and the legislation governing professional engineers.
  4. The Mental Health in the Workplace and Academia module addresses the importance of mental health for students and employees, as well as key psychosocial risk factors that affect mental health on the job.
  5. In the Leadership and Management Systems module, we discuss safety management systems and compare how different industries approach it. We also illustrate the importance of having an effective safety management system in place.
  6. The Incident Investigation module introduces the topic of investigating safety incidents. It defines key terms and describes some techniques used, the reporting procedure, and the importance of following up.
  7. In the Professional Engineering Ethics module, we engage in a discussion of the professional engineers’ Code of Ethics, including the intent behind the code and the importance of complying with it.